Friday, November 16, 2007

Section 5L.01

Section 5L.01 Rates For Use Of Olongapo City Convention Center

Area Rate for the First 3 hours
Whole Plenary Php 14,000.00
Plenary A Php 5,000.00
Plenary B Php 10,000.00

In excess of 3 hours:
Area Rate/hour
Whole Plenary Php 4,000
Plenary A Php 2,000
Plenary B Php 3,000
*Ingress/Egress = Php 500/hour

Area Rate / Hour
Function Room 1 Php 400.00
Function Room 2 Php 600.00
Function Room 3 Php 400.00
Function Rooms 1 to 3 Php 1,200.00
*Ingress/Egress = Php 200/hour

Amenities/Concessions (Conventions/Seminars)
• Over Head Projector with screen
• PA system with microphone
• Registration table
• Tables and chairs
• White board with markers and erasers

Section 5L.02 Discounts and Free-Of –Charge (FOC) in the usage of the Convention Center must have prior aproval from the Office of the City Mayor or Sangguniang Panlungsod

Article M. Olongapo City Museum Rates

Section 5M.01 Admission Fee

Student / Minor (Elem. & High School) Php 10.00
College 20.00
Adult (Senior Citizens with 20% discount) 50.00
Tourist / Foreign Student 50.00

Article N. Rental of City Cemetery Lots

Section 5N.01 Imposition of Fee - There shall be collected the following rental fees for a cemetery lot.
(a) For the lease of each niche in any of the
City cemeteries for a five-year period…………………………P500.00

(b) For the extension of the lease of each niche
to one year of fraction thereof………………………………….. 15.00

The fee imposed herein shall not be changed and/or collected in case the deceased was, at the time of death, in the employ of the Philippine Government.

Section 5N.02 Time of Payment - The fee shall be paid to the City Treasurer’s Office upon application for a burial permit prior to the construction of any structure whether permanent or temporary prior to the interment of the deceased. Thereafter, the fee shall be paid annually within twenty (20) days before the anniversary date of the initial payment made.

Section 5N.03 Administrative Provisions

(a) Permit to Construct - Any construction of whatever kind or nature in the public cemetery, whether for temporary or perpetual use; shall only be allowed after the approval of the permit issued by the City Mayor, upon recommendation of the City Health Officer.

(b) Renewal of Lease - In case the lessee intends to renew the lease after its termination, he must inform the City Treasurer within thirty (30) days before the expiry date of the lease, and shall pay the corresponding rental fees therefore

Its shall also be the duty of the City Treasurer to prepare and submit to the City Mayor a list of the leases that are to expire five (5) days prior to the expiration date. The City Treasurer shall send a reminder to the lessee of the expiration of his lease, two (2) weeks prior to the expiration date of the lease.

(c) Cemetery Registry - The City Treasurer shall keep a registry on account of the cemetery, together with such additional information as maybe required by the Sangguniang Panlungsod.

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