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Section 5H.04

Section 5H.04 Administrative Provisions

(a) The Slaughter of any kind of animal intended for sale shall be done only in the City slaughterhouse designated as such by the Sangguniang Panlungsod. The slaughter of animals intended for home consumption maybe done somewhere else except large cattle which shall be slaughtered only in the public slaughterhouse. The animal slaughtered for home consumption shall not be sold or offered for sale.

(b) Before issuing the permit for the slaughter of a branded large cattle, the City Veterinarian shall require the production of the certificate of ownership if the owner is the applicant, or the original certificate of ownership and certificate of transfer showing title in the name of the person applying for the permit if he is not original owner. If the applicant is not the original owner, and there is no certificate of transfer made in his favor, one such certificate shall be issued and the corresponding fee be collected therefore. For unbranded cattles that have not yet reached the age of branding, the City Veterinarian shall require such evidence as will be satisfactory to him regarding the ownership of the animal for which permit to slaughter has been requested. Unbranded cattle of the required age, the necessary certificate of ownership and/or transfer shall be issued, and the corresponding fees collected therefore before the slaughter permit is granted.

(c) Before any animal is slaughtered for public consumption, a permit therefore shall be secured from the City Veterinarian or his duly authorized representative, through the City Treasurer. The permit shall bear the date and month of issue and the stamp of the City Veterinarian, as well as the page of the book in which said permit number is entered and wherein the name of the permit tee, the kind and sex of the animal to be slaughtered appears.

(d) The permit to slaughter as herein required shall be kept by the owner to be posted on a conspicuous place in his stall at all times.

Article I. Recreational Facility Charges

Section 5I.01 Imposition of Charges - the following charges shall be collected for the use of recreational facilities operated by the City of Olongapo.

Section 5I.01.a Parks and Gardens – Marikit Park, Pier B, etc.

1. Weddings, business meetings, civic socio gatherings, graduations, concerts, etc.

a) Non-resident 4,000 minimum for 4 hours of use. and for Succeeding Hrs PhP 700.00/hr

b) Resident 2,000 minimum for 4 hours of use. and for Succeeding Hrs PhP 500.00/hr

Section 5I.01.b Covered Courts

Resident without lights . . . . PhP 100.00/hr
Non-resident without lights . . . PhP 200.00/hr

Section 5I.01.c Rizal Triangle Multipurpose Sports Center and East Tapinac Oval Track

Various Team Sports ( Basketball, Volley Ball, Badminton, baseball, soccer, etc.)
Day-time Rate per Court (6:00A.M.-5:59 P.M.) P200.00 per hour

Above fees and charges does not cover cost of electricity, the Public Utilities Department will calculate the cost of electricity based on equipment (sound system and lighting) to be used by the applicant.

Fees imposed on usage of Rizal Triangle Multi-Purpose Center, Marikit Park and Tapinac Oval Track will be used primarily to cover cost of maintenance, defray electric and water consumption and to fund salaries/wages of security personnel assigned on said parks ejp

Fees and charges apply only on activities that are profit-oriented or commercial in nature especially if they requested for exclusive use of the park or facility. Non-profit organizations/activities will need to pay only a minimal amount to cover cost of utilities such as electricity and water. In such cases however, the users are responsible to clean the venue after the activity.

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