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Section 5E.01 City Health

Article E. Service Fees for Health Examination

Section 5E.01 Imposition of Fee -There shall be collected an annual fee of Fifty Pesos (PhP50.00) from any person who undergoes a physical examination by the City Health Officer or his duly authorized representative. The laboratory examination fees are as follows.

Particulars Rate
1. Certification PhP 50.00
2. Stool Exam 30.00
3. Health Card 40.00
4. RPR (Blood Test) 100.00
5. I. D. Card 50.00
6. Cervical Urethral Smear (on schedule) 50.00
7. Cervical Urethral Smear (not on schedule) 100.00

Section 5E.02 Schedule of Environment, Health and Sanitation Fees

Particulars Rate
1. Sanitation Inspection Fees (per P.D. 856) 200.00
2. Sanitation Standard Rating Stickers 300.00
3. Imposition of Penalty Fees
a. Inspection Fees (re-inspection) 200.00
b. Employees w/o Health Certificate (PD 522 Sec 6) 200.00/person
c. Entertainers without VD Clearances 300.00/person
d. Closure Order Penalties 5,000.00
e. Lifting of Closure Order 500.00
4. Certificate issued by the City Health Officer 50.00/cert

Section 5E.03 Time of Payment - The fee shall be paid to the City Treasurer’s Office before the physical examination and issuance of a medical certificate.

Section 5E.04 Administrative Provisions

(a) Individuals engaged in an occupation or working in the following establishments are hereby required to undergo physical and medical examination before they can be employed and once every six months thereafter.

(a.1) Food Establishments- establishments where food or drinks are manufactured, processed, stored, sold or served.

(a. 2) Public swimming or bathing places.

(a.3) Dancing Schools, Gym (Aerobic, Body Building) Dance Halls and Night Halls and Night Clubs-includes dance instructors/instructress, gym assistants, hostesses, cooks, bartenders, and waitresses.

(a.4) Tonsorial and Beauty Establishments-includes masseurs, massage clinic, sauna bath attendants, etc.

(a.5) Spa, Massage Clinics and Sauna Bath Establishments- Include masseurs; massage clinics/sauna bath attendants, etc.

(a.6) Hotels, Motels, and Apartment, Lodging, Boarding or Tenement Houses, and Condominiums.

(b) Owners, managers or operators of the establishment shall see to it that their employees who are required to undergo physical and medical examinations are issued necessary medical certificates.

(c) The City Health Officer shall keep a record of physical and other health examinations conducted, and the copies of medical certificates issued indicating the name of the applicant, the date and the purpose for which the examination was made.

(d) The minimum requirement for medical examination under this article are: chest x-ray, fecalysis, urinalysis, and hepatitis screening.

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