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Section 5A.01 SERVICE FEES


Article A. Secretary’s Fees

Section 5A.01 Imposition of Fees - There shall be collected the following fees from every person requesting for copies of official records and documents from offices of the City of Olongapo.

Section 5A.01.a Assessor’s and Treasury Related Transactions

Certified true copy of tax declaration

Certification of no property

Certification of property holdings

Annotation of Real Estate Mortgages

Photocopying of Documents on File per copy 35.00

Release of cancellation of mortgages

Photocopying of Tax Maps 50.00

Photocopying of Barangay Base Maps

Photocopying of Cadastral Maps

Certification of tax payments

Inspection of Real Property with Conflicting/Adverse Claim 100.00

Other Certification relative to assessment and treasury records

Annotation of unregistered real property mortgages (private mortgages, Sanlang-tira, and other related unregistered mortgages) -

Section 5A.01.b Zoning Related Fees

Certified true copy of Zoning/Locational Clearance & Lot
PhP 150.00

Certification (per piece)
Encroachment Fees (annually) PhP 150.00

Application Fee 100.00

Residential Fence Encroachment .025XMV/Lot

Residential House Encroachment .05XMV/Lot

Commercial Encroachment

For pipes, Equipment, machines and conduits exterior of bldg that do not add storage area or handle people ( such as pedestrian tunnel)
For Commercial encroachment .10XMV/Lot

Overhead encroachment 300/sqm of encroached area
Legal fee for preparation and notarial of encroachment agreement 150.00

Section 5A.01.c. Geographic Information System and Computer Related Fees

1. Geographic Information System (GIS) Fee
(per transaction/ per lot/ per dept/office) PhP 100.00

2. Colored print out of base map (A3 size) per copy 150.00
3. Colored print out of barangay map (A3 size) per copy 200.00
4. Colored print out of Zoning/Land use map (A3 size) per copy 150.00
5. Roll paper, Colored print-out of maps (large scale) per copy (minimum) 500.00

6. Colored print out of base map, purok maps, administrative maps, thematic maps and analytical maps
a. Using A3 – 9 sheets per copy (minimum) 500.00
b. Two-color plotter print-outs 3ft x 4ft (minimum) 2,000.00
c. Full-color plotter print-outs 3ft x 4ft (minimum) 3,000.00

7. Computerized Processing Fee
(Encoding, Assessment, Billing, Printing)
a. RPT 50.00
b. BPL 50.00
8. Computerized Collection Fee (Process payment and computerized OR)
a. RPT 10.00
b. BPL 10.00
c. Electric Light Fees / Garbage 10.00
d. Other Revenues 10.00
9. Pay per view Fee (Records, Bills, Assessment)
a. RPT 5.00
b. BPL 5.00
c. Electric Light Fees / Garbage 5.00
d. CTC Computation and Other Revenues 5.00
e.GIS 10.00
10. Cost of CD reproduction for GIS & other information requested 120.00
11. Cost of CD reproduction for Revenue Code & other ord/reso 100.00

Fees collected under Geographic Information System and Computer Related Fees shall be used specifically for maintenance and upgrade of the city’s computer system. A special account shall be maintained for this purpose. The City Treasurer and the Head of Olongapo City IT Board are tasked to ensure compliance to this provision.

Digital copy of this Code shall be authenticated by the City Treasurer or the Head of Olongapo City Information Technology Board before its release to the public. Likewise, above city officials are tasked to ensure accuracy of data in this document before uploading to the city’s website.

Section 5A.01.d. Other Related Fees

1. For every page or fraction thereof, typewritten (not including the certification and notation) 50.00
2. Where the copy to be furnished is in printed form, in whole or in part, for each page (double the fee if there are two pages in a sheet) 50.00

3. For each certificate of correctness (with seal of office) written on the copy or attached thereto 50.00
4. Photocopy of any document/page 35.00
5. Registration of any legal document for records purposes 50.00
6. For application for processing with regards to back pay claims 50.00
7. Records verification 50.00
8. Research documents fee
a. 20 pages and below 50.00
b. More than 20 pages 100.00
9. Application for SP accreditation of Associations, People’s Organization and NGOs 150.00
10. Assessment for Minors Traveling Abroad per DSWD A.O. No.2 series of 2006 2,000.00

Section 5A.02 Exemption - The fees imposed on this Article shall not be collected for copies furnished to other offices or branches of the government for the official business except for copies required by the Court at the request of the litigants, in which case charges shall be made in accordance with the schedule of fees under Chapter 5 of this code.

Section 5A.03 Time of Payment - The fees shall be paid to the City Treasurer's office at the time request, written or otherwise, for the issuance of the copy of any city record or document is made.

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