Friday, November 16, 2007

Section 2B.19 Real Property Identification System

Section 2B.19 Real Property Identification System - All declarations of real property, made under the provisions of this Article shall be kept and filed under a uniform classification system to be established by the City Assessor pursuant to the guidelines issued by the Department of Finance (DOF) for the purpose.

Section 2B.20 Notification of Transfer of Real Property Ownership

(a) Any person who shall transfer real property ownership to another shall notify the City Assessor within sixty (60) days from the date of such transfer. The notification shall include the mode of transfer, the description of the property alienated, the name and address of the transferee.

(b) In addition to the notice of transfer, the previous property owners shall likewise surrender to the City Assessor the tax declaration covering the subject property in order that the same be cancelled from the assessment records. If, however, said previous owner still owns property other than the property alienated, he shall, within the prescribed sixty-day (60) period, file with the City Assessor, an amended sworn declaration of the true value of the property or properties he retains in accordance with the provisions of the Section 2B.15 and Section 2B.16 of this Code.

Section 2B.21 Duty of Register of Deeds to Apprise City Assessor of Real Property Listed in Registry

(a) To ascertain whether or not any real property entered in the Registry of Property has escaped discovery and listing for the purpose of taxation, the Register of Deeds shall prepare and submit to the City Assessor an annual abstract of the registry, which shall include brief but sufficient description of real properties entered therein, their present owners, and the dates of their most recent transfer or alienation accompanied by copies of corresponding deeds of sale, donation, or partition or other forms of alienation.

(b) It shall be the duty of the Register of Deeds to require every person who shall present for registration a document of transfer, alienation or encumbrance of real property, to accompany the same with a certificate to the effect that the real property subject for transfer, alienation, or encumbrance, as the case may be, has been fully paid of all real property taxes due thereon. Failure to provide such certificate shall be a valid cause for the Register of Deeds to refuse the registration of the documents.

(c) The Register of Deeds shall furnish the City Assessor with copies of all contracts, selling, transferring, or otherwise conveying, leasing, or mortgaging real property registered by or acknowledged before them, within thirty (30) days from the date of registration or acknowledgement.

Section 2B.22 Duty of Notaries Public to Assist the City Assessor – It shall be the duty of the Notaries Public to furnish the City Assessor with copies of all contracts selling transferring, or otherwise conveying, leasing or mortgaging real property received by, or acknowledge before them within thirty (30) days from the date of registration or acknowledgment.

Section 2B.23 Duty of the Official Issuing Building Permit or Certificate of Registration of Machinery to Transmit Copy to the City Assessor

(a) Any public official or employee who may now or hereafter be required by law or regulation to issue to any person a permit for the construction, additional, repair, or renovation of a building, or permanent improvement on land, or a certificate of registration for any machinery, including machines, mechanical contrivances, and apparatus, attached or affixed on land or to another real property, shall transmit a copy of such permit or certificate within thirty (30) days of its issuance to the City Assessor.

(b) Any official referred to in paragraph (a) hereof shall likewise furnish the City Assessor with copies of the building floor plans and/or certificate of registration or installation of other machineries which may not be permanently or temporarily attached to land or another real property but falling under the definition of the machinery as per rules and guidelines issued by the Department of Finance (DOF).

Section 2B.24 Duty of Geodetic Engineers to Furnish Copy of Plans to the City Assessor – It shall be the duty of all Geodetics Engineers, public or private, to furnish Free of charge to the City Assessor with a white or blueprint copy of each of all approved original or subdivision plans or maps of surveys executed by them within thirty (30) days from receipt of such plan from the Land Management Bureau, the Land Registration Authority, or the Housing and Land Use Regulatory Board as the case may be.

Section 2B.25 Requirements for Insurance Companies to Furnish Information – Insurance companies are hereby required to furnish the City Assessors copies of any contract or policy insurance on buildings, structures and improvements insured by them or such other documents which may be necessary for the proper assessment thereof.


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